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Camp Trans Benefit at Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis Tonight

There is a benefit show for Camp Trans tonight at Bedlam Theatre in Minneapolis starting at 10 p.m. and going until 2.

18+ $5 additional donations encouraged

Chantz Erolin of tru ruts
-is already being recognized as one of the best up-and-coming young emcees in the Twin Cities hip hop scene. An activist as well as an artist/rapper/writer and poet

Heidi Barton Stink
-"The illest tranny-dyke-activist-M.C. in the midwest!"

Poor posture
-Fun poppy punk rock

Laura Klinkert
- A queer dream-boat of pretty-voiced folk

riot porn
-hotter than a molotov radical performance art collective

Camp trans is an event held every August across the road from Michigan Womyn's Festival in protest of their non-trans inclusive "womyn born womyn" policy. Its festivities include workshops, camping, performances (this year Barton Stink opened for scream club ), dances parties, vegan meals and a supportive atmosphere for trans folk, queers and allies from all over to converge and have a good time.



You can confirm and help spread it around by going to the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#/event.php?eid=328853800289&ref=mf
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