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New here

My name is ellie. I'm 16 and I'm queer. Technically I'm pansexual (I don't care about gender(s)), but it's generally easier just saying that I'm queer, using queer in the actual definition of the word; different. I've been "out" (if I'm queer, does it still count as "coming out"?) since about the 6th grade, but I'm pretty sure I liked girls before then.

I've lived in Minnesota my entire life, so I don't know much else. I live 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis even though I've never really been downtown much.

My favourite show is Queer as Folk, even though it's super old (at least to me it is, since I was 6 when it came out). After I finish it, I'm on season 4 right now, I want to get into The L Word. My dad doesn't know that I'm queer, but I think he might be starting to see it since of the shows I watch.

I love to write. My main characters are always queer as they're what I can relate to. I tried writing straight characters but it's really unsatisfying for me because I just find it plain boring. I tried to participate in National Novel Writing Month, but school this year is really swamping me so that didn't go as well. I did write 2000 words this year, so I got 25th of the way done. Yay.

That's mostly me in a nutshell, I'm a fairly boring person. :)
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