strange life (queerlife) wrote in minnesota_queer,
strange life


Hi Everyone,

I was wondering where everyone was from and what kind of LGBT communities you have where you are located. I think we all know that the best place to be queer would be in the cities. Obviously they would have the most services for LGBT people, the most gay bars, the best drag shows etc.

What could you tell me about your communities?

What are the GLBT folks like where you are from?

What, if any services are offered for LGBT people in your community?

Do you have a gay bar? What is it like?

Thanks :-)


P.S. I live in Austin. If y'all eat Spam or anything Hormel, it comes from this town. There aren't any gay bars, and they're is little to no gay community here. What gays there are, are closeted or old married men. It's painful, especially since I am a drag queen and would like a venue. :-P
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