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An Econometric Analysis of Marriage and the Division of Labor among Same-Sex Couples

I hope this isn't too off topic for this community. If it is too off topic, let me know and I will delete it.

I am a graduate student in economics at Tufts University and am conducting a study on the impact of marriage on the division of labor among same-sex couples. I am seeking cohabiting same-sex couples who live in states, such as Minnesota, where same-sex marriage is not legal to participate in an online survey on their division of labor. This survey will serve as a comparison group to a random sample of married same-sex couples in Massachusetts.

Participation in this study will be incredibly valuable in understanding how marriage rights impact the division of household labor among same-sex couples and the potential economic gains accrued through marriage rights.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in this study, the survey is hosted on SurveyMonkey at To participate, both members of the couple need to respond to the survey; however, they may do so at different times if they use the same computer to access the survey.

If you have any questions regarding this study, please do not hesitate to contact Marina Gorsuch at marina.gorsuch AT or Dr. Edward Kutsoati at edward.kutsoati AT

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marina Gorsuch
Department of Economics, Tufts University
8 Upper Campus Rd., Braker Hall
Medford, MA 02155
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