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Ya you betcha!

Minnesota GLBT
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This community for GLBT folk and allies that live in, or just plain love Minnesota.

1. Do NOT post quiz/survey results.
2. NO gay bashing...or I'll ban you...mwahahaha!
3. Be Repectful To Everyone
4. Try to keep your posts GLBT related.

This community is going to be used as a gateway for us to know what is going on in our local GLBT community. Post things that are coming up...events...good gathering places (clubs/bars/groups etc.) If you are a part of a GLBT group please post what you are up to and the events you have planned.

Moderator: impi_batso

GLBT Links of interest:

Outfront Minnesota
Lavender Magazine
U of MN GLBT Programs Office
Twin Cities Pride Fest
GLBT Minneapolis
HRC Minnesota Laws Affecting GLBT
GLBT Press